“Gencon” Charter (As Revised 1922, 1976 and 1994)

It is agreed between the party mentioned in Box 3 as the Owners of the Vessel

named in Box 5, of the GT/NT indicated in Box 6 and carrying about the number of……. metric tons of deadweight capacity all told on summer loadline stated in Box 7, now in position as stated in Box 8 and expected ready to load under this Charter Party about the date indicated in Box 9, and the party mentioned as the Charterers in Box 4 that:

The said Vessel shall, as soon as her prior commitments have been completed,

proceed to the loading port (s) or PART II place (s) stated in Box 10 or so near thereto as

she may safely get and lie always afloat, and there load a full and complete

cargo (if shipment of deck cargo agreed same to be at the Charterers’ risk and

responsibility) as stated in Box 12, which the Charterers bind themselves to

ship, and being so loaded the Vessel shall proceed to the discharging port (s) or

place (s) stated in Box 11 as ordered on signing Bills of Lading, or so near

thereto as she may safely get, and lie always afloat, and there deliver the cargo.

2. Owners’ Responsibility Clause

The Owners are to be responsible for PART II loss of or damage to the goods or for

delay in delivery of the goods only in case the loss, damage or delay has been

caused by personal want of due diligence on the part of the Owners or their

Manager to make the Vessel in all respects seaworthy and to secure that the is

properly manned, equipped and supplied, or by the personal act or default of

the Owners or their Manager.

And the Owners are not responsible for loss, damage or delay arising from any

other cause whatsoever, even from the neglect or default of the Master or crew

or some other person PART II employed by the Owners on board or ashore for whose

acts they would, but for this Clause, be responsible, or from unseaworthiness of

the Vessel on loading or commencement of the voyage or at any time


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